Monthly Archives: November 2017

CHT2 UK team meeting

Today a progress meeting for the CHT2 project with representative of Historic England (HE), Paul Bryan, was held at Newcastle University. Jon Mills, Maria V. Peppa and Lesley Davidson from School of Engineering, together with Ian Haynes, Sam Turner and Alex Turner from School of History, Classics and Archaeology were also present.

Up-to-date results of Structure-from-Motion (SfM) with archival imagery over the Hadrian’s Wall study site of Corbridge were presented. Proposed ideas on disseminating the CHT2 project outcomes for the final months were of particular focus during the meeting.

A technical document “Photogrammetric Applications for Cultural Heritage”, which provides guidance on recording cultural heritage with SfM, relevant to the CHT2 project methodology, can be downloaded from the HE website at: .