Monthly Archives: July 2016

Second CHT2 Meeting

The CHT2 project has met today in Prague, in the framework of the ISPRS world conference (, for a semestral update about the various activities.
WP2 has been concluded with the production of a methodology that covers all the 4D cases considered in the framework of this project. Either the analysis on time-varying data collected by 3D technologies (e.g. photogrammetry, laser scanning) or data collected by historical documents are considered.

The work is now proceeding with its operating activities about data collection on the 4 different historical sites considered: The walls of Avila (Spain), The Cracow fortress (Poland), The Adrian Wall (UK) and the Roman circus of Milan (Italy).

The actual individual at the meeting were: Jon Mills and Karolina Fieber from Newcastle University (NCL); Diego Gonzàles Aguilera and Pablo Rodríguez Gonzálvez from University of Salamanca (USAL); Beata Hejmanowska form Scientific Stanisław Staszic Association (SSSA); Gabriele Guidi and Sara Gonizzi Barsanti from Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI).

CHT2 Spain meeting with the Principal of the Historic Archive in Avila

The principal, Mrs Carmen López Sanchidrian welcomed us. We put across the main purposes of the CHT2 project and she gave us the keys to find out proper information about the study area (Alcázar gate and its surroundings) in the Archive. She also explained some crucial aspects about property rights. Since our interests were specially focussed on graphic information, her advice was helpful. After a comprehensive review of different collections of paintings, engravings and photographs a suitable selection was done. Moreover, we contact with IPCE (National Heritage Institute) to query high quality copies of some documents not available in Ávila.